Corona Virus Update

Dear Waikoloa Baptist Church Family!

This Sunday, June 7, we will be meeting once again for church at 9 a.m. Please keep in mind that with the Coronavirus restrictions and recommendations as mandated by our government to keep everyone safe, that we have been working to offer as safe a facility as possible (cleaned, sanitized, social distanced, etc.), and we ask for your compliance in the name of safety and in the spirit of Christian unity this coming Sunday.

Before I provide anymore details, Please RSVP your intent to attend service this Sunday by e-mailing me at so that we can plan accordingly for our seating arrangements.

Now, below is some very important information for you to be aware of:


You are under no obligation to attend service this Sunday and if you do not feel safe, or are a higher risk person, or are sick, then please stay home. The recorded service will be available later in the day through our website.

Ensure you bring your facemask and wear it in the building.

Keep your 6’ social distancing as required.

Sanitizer is available upon entrance of the building.

Remember to wash your hands before leaving the bathroom.

COMING TO THE FRONT DOORS: Please come into the church while maintaining the 6’ social distancing requirements outside. We will have the ground marked for you.

UPON ENTRY: An usher will bring you to your seat. You will be seated in a manner that will help maximize our auditorium’s capacity while maintaining the 6’ social distancing guidelines.

This means you may not necessarily be seated where you normally would want to be. Please be patient and understanding that we have a limited number of seats, distancing requirements, and a whole church of people to seat efficiently and effectively.

Once seated, please remain in your seated location with 3 seats between you and the next non-family group (no moving around or standing anywhere—you can socialize from your seat).

All family units need to sit together. We don’t have the room, thus we don’t have the luxury of spreading out.

We have removed every other row of seats thus reducing how many can be seated which is why RSVPing is so important.

We cannot have congregating for socializing/fellowshipping within the building. You will have the opportunity to fellowship after service outside of the building.

As you enter, please take a prepackaged communion cup if you intend on celebrating the Lord’s Supper with us at the end of service. These will be on the table at the entrance.

Your Offerings will be deposited as you enter in the Offering Box on the back wall (we will not be passing the plates around).

PARENTS WITH CHILDREN: There will be no Sunday School classes. Pat will have children’s Sunday School materials available upon entry so that you can let your child color them during service. PLEASE bring your own set(s) of crayons.

PARENTS WITH BABIES: There will be no staffed nursery during service, but the nursery will be open should you need a place to change your baby during service.

WHEN SERVICE ENDS: We will not be holding hands, shaking hands, or the like to ensure safety.

As soon as everyone is dismissed, please wait to be dismissed as we will be releasing each row and maintaining the exit flow opposite of the entry flow.

Again, feel free to fellowship outside in the parking lot, but no congregating inside the building for such fellowship.

I know much of this feels sterile and restrictive, but until the stiff stipulations are alleviated, we will need to follow them as closely as possible to prevent any issues. If you have any questions, please let us know. We have worked to follow the County’s COVID-19 Task Force’s “Guidance For Places Of Worship” document as closely as possible.

Have a great day, and we will see you Sunday!

Pastor Jim