February 24

Why is Jesus changing the water into wine so significant? It shows us a few different things about Who He is such as His authority over nature which points us once again to His deity. It shows us His love and concern for a young Jewish couple having their wedding as well as the importance of this God-ordained union. It ultimately points to His future death on the cross and later the marriage of the Lamb to the bride, the church.

We ended service today celebrating the Lord’s Supper which focuses on His death for our sins. Why is this repetitious reminder so important? I mean, focusing on our sin continually doesn’t at first seem to be positive and encouraging. Emphasizing a crucified Savior doesn’t make us feel like He’s our buddy.

But, that’s why He’s Lord, isn’t it?

Our repetition is important to remind us why He lived and why He died. It keeps us from taking His sacrifice for granted. It gives us awe and brings us to our knees, proclaiming that He is Lord! This is why He told us to remember His death because He also demonstrated to us that He is Lord over death, thus the Lord of life!

Think about being the mother of Jesus. She knew He was special before He was born, and undoubtedly watched Him growing up as a perfect child. But here He is 30 some-odd years later and He hasn’t done anything to move forward as Messiah. This wedding was a chance to get Him to show Himself for Who He is, to demonstrate His power (even though He was on the Father’s timetable and His hour wasn’t yet). Think about the faith she placed on Him to save the day.

We ended our time today with a church meal. What a large gathering we had today! (and if you couldn’t make it, then we missed you and hope you can make the next one!). We had to add tables, and people mingled and fellowshipped as a church family should. Our church finds its fellowship in Jesus first, then with each other. Jesus loved to go to social events, and loved to recline and eat, talk, and be joyous. I believe our fellowship together brings Him much joy as we know that division and contention are tools of Satan. Satan wants to disrupt the body of Christ, to bring in selfishness, disputes, and take the focus off of Jesus. If he can keep us distracted, focused on ourselves, contentious, and so forth, he disables us from true fellowship and faith.

So, the wedding at Cana emphasized Jesus’ sovereignty, deity, and love. It showed us Mary’s faith and trust in Who He is. It also gave us a glimpse of His mission in life which was to die.

Our Lord’s Supper celebration points to Jesus and His death. Our fellowship meal points to His love for His bride as we come together seeking Him first.

  1. In what ways do you guard the unity of the body here at Waikoloa Baptist Church? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    1. Keep in mind, the Bible doesn’t promote unity at all costs, but rather, unity around the Word, focused on Jesus, and through the power of the Holy Spirit.
    2. If Christ was willing to selflessly die for His bride, then you and I need to lay aside our agendas, desires, and selfishness for the church family so that she shines as His pure, virgin bride.
  2. Ever hear of J.O.Y. (Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last)? ___________________________________________________________
    1. This simple acronym is a great gauge for us as we promote obedience to Christ and unity with each other.
    2. What are some ways this week that you can implement J.O.Y. into your life? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Jesus revealed a glimpse of Who He is during the wedding at Cana, and John tells us His disciples believed in Him. Mary showed her faith in Him as well. But, their faith needed to grow.
    1. Ask God today to help your faith grow in Him and the work of His Son.
    2. Ask God to reinforce you this week with His faith that knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that:
      1. You are saved by the blood of the crucified One.
      2. He holds the future.
  • He is sovereign over each thing in your life today which speaks to His intimate care of you.
  1. He has promised us a place in Heaven with Him.
  2. He conquered death, so we no have nothing to fear.
  3. He called you by name.
  • His love is infinite and perfect.