June 23

We are all one body of believers, but each of us has a different part to play. Unlike the world’s view of the hierarchy of the importance of people, each part of the church body is equally important because each saved member has the image of God plus the Spirit of God. In the world’s eyes, the street cleaner, the person cleaning up at a nursing home after a resident messes himself, the sewage plant worker, the one who empties garbage at McDonald’s are all necessary, but they are looked down upon to some degree. Sometimes they are looked at as less than human. I know not everyone thinks this way, but there is in our minds a picture of what elevated importance and status is, and the lowly worker doing the jobs no one else wants to do is looked at as a peon.

I was watching a show one day where this guy and lady were describing how they met and got married. She drove through the drive-through at Burger King and this guy had taken her order and helped her. Another day she went through and he was there again. He asked her out but she was thinking, “I don’t want to go out with a guy from Burger King,” yet she did anyway. She ended up finding out that he just didn’t work the drive-through at Burger King, but he owned that franchise and was a millionaire.

In God’s economy, each part of the church body is equally important to the mission of the church. Each person is His child. Each person needs to know his/her spiritual gifts and role within the body.

  1. The study of Spiritual Gifts can be too immense for a simple devotional. As such, I am referring you to an article from Grace to You which gives a lot of information about them, their unity in the body, and then lists passages at the end of the article that discuss spiritual gifts in the church.
  2. Do you know what your primary spiritual gift is? (everyone has one) ________________________________________________________
  3. How can you use your gift to help Waikoloa Baptist grow closer together in unity in the Spirit, in holiness, and in reaching the lost community outside its doors? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • For personal study, I would look at the book Strange Fire by John MacArthur (and you can watch the Strange Fire Conference on YouTube). As Baptists, based not on experience, but on our biblical research and study, we reject the “sign gifts” as they’re often called such as speaking in tongues (which is the most popular and sought after gift).