May 16 part 2

So, in answer to today’s Daily Devotion Quiz:

  1. Seal Judgments _2__
  2. 2ndComing of Jesus (He steps foot on the Mount of Olives) _7__
  3. Beast & False Prophet cast into the Lake of Fire _8__
  4. 2 Witnesses _5__
  5. Rapture of the Church _1__
  6. 144,000 of every tribe of Israel _3__
  7. Satan cast into the Lake of Fire _10__
  8. Bowl Judgments _6__
  9. Millennial Reign of Christ _9__
  10. Trumpet Judgments _4__

I hope you all had fun with it, and do feel free to read Revelation more often as the Bible promises a blessing for those who do read it.

Lastly, one more timeline you may like is David Jeremiah’s:

It’s free and his site has some good info on the Book of Revelation.

—Pastor  Jim