May 21

How can you be thankful for what you do not have? What baffles me about lost people is that they can go through life without grace. Granted, I got saved at a young age and I do not understand living into adulthood in a lost state. But, I can’t imagine living lost and without eternal grace, with the weight of who I am sitting on my shoulders every day, weighing me down, plaguing me with guilt.

Every Thursday we emphasize thankfulness. And, when I look at the grace that forgave me when I should have been sent to eternal damnation just for being an enemy of God, it amazes me that I’m even saved. Why would anyone die for me? Moreover, why would Jesus die for me? Why would He love me?

  • “This one word ‘grace’ contains within itself the whole of New Testament theology.”—J.I. Packer
  • “Grace is the good pleasure of God that inclines Him to bestow benefits to the undeserving.”—A.W. Tozer
  1. Maybe you had a goody two shoes life or you can identify with the woman caught in adultery. Both lifestyles are Hellbound without Jesus. Write down a few things you thank Jesus for with regards to your salvation, and His redeeming you from your former state: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“In the providence of God, an older man was wondrously saved in one of the services of our church. He had been a great sinner. For the years of his life he had known no other thing than the wayward ways of the world. But he happened to marry a devout Christian woman who brought him to our congregation, where, listening to the Word of God, he found the Lord. The change was instantaneous. He became a new and a different man. He loved to come to church where we read the Holy Scriptures together and where I preach the Bible. Both at home and in his business office he constantly read the Book as though seeking to redeem the years he had wasted in the world.

“Then that day of sorrow came. He was stricken with a heart attack and died immediately. I went to the memorial service to lay his body away and to thank God for his Christian conversion. With hundreds of other friends, I looked at the sleeping figure in the casket. To my great surprise, his right hand pressed his Bible against his heart. I turned to his wife in astonishment.

“‘What an unusual thing,’ I exclaimed, ‘that he holds his Bible in his hand! Why have you done this?’

“‘For the compelling reason,’ she replied, ‘that he loved it so. We read the Bible at church; we read it together at home. He read it at his business office. It seemed appropriate that his Bible be in his hand as his last testimony to the saving power of the Word of God.’

“And thus he was buried with that Bible in the casket where his body awaits the great resurrection day of the Lord when the God of the Book will bring to fulfilment every promise written on every page. Believing the Bible, ‘Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.’ The Bible is a book to live by and to die by. It is worthy to be received as an infallible guide to heaven. It is true and trustworthy in every way. It is the veritable Word of God.”—W.A. Criswell, Why I Believe the Bible is Literally True, 11.

  1. As believers, God’s Word is worth eternal thankfulness. In what ways can you thank God for:
    1. How His word exposed your sin? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
    2. How the Word convicted you of that sin? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
    3. It led you to salvation? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
    4. It cleansed and sanctified your life? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
    5. The Word gives you hope and confidence? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
    6. It teaches you grace? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Let us thank God for His grace and His Word today.

I Know Not Why God’s Wondrous Grace  Hymn by D.W. Whittle

1 I know not why God’s wondrous grace

to me he has made known,

nor why, unworthy, Christ in love

redeemed me for his own.


But “I know whom I have believed,

and am persuaded that he is able

to keep that which I’ve committed

unto him against that day.”


2 I know not how this saving faith

to me he did impart,

nor how believing in his Word

wrought peace within my heart.



3 I know not how the Spirit moves,

convincing men of sin,

revealing Jesus through the Word,

creating faith in him.



4 I know not what of good or ill

may be reserved for me,

of weary ways or golden days,

before his face I see.



5 I know not when my Lord may come,

at night or noonday fair,

nor if I’ll walk the vale with him,

or meet him in the air.