November 26

In the world of advertising there is a necessity of reminding consumers. Many moons ago when I was working at Sears in the Lawn & Garden Department, the new marketing campaign was “Come see the softer side of Sears”. The message was that everyone already knows that Sears has tools, tractors, furniture, water heaters, tires, etc., but the great clothing story is not so well known (especially for women’s clothing). So here I am, standing in the Lawn & Garden Department all winter while on commission, and Sears virtually stopped advertising its hardlines and our hardlines business dropped (thus my income went down). When I should have been selling snow throwers I was standing around with my hands in my pockets almost begging, “Brother, can you spare a dime?” We inquired as to why Sears had stopped at least advertising hardlines alongside the heavily emphasized soft lines, and we were told “Customers already know we have tools and tractors, but what they don’t know is that we have clothes as well, thus we don’t need to tell them about the hardlines since they already know we have them.” Really, I thought? First off, (sorry, gonna be honest here), customers knowabout our clothes and found the patterns and quality to be substandard. I even had a girl in college, when she found out I worked at Sears, tell me that she never shops there because of how wretched their clothes were. But, that aside, the second and more important issue is, out of sight=out of mind. John Deere sells tractors and other implements. They are the undisputed leader. However, they still continually advertise their tractors! They continually remind people that they are there, are innovative, and who doesn’t want to ride a John Deere Green lawn tractor out in his front yard, or a large one out in a corn field? Nothing runs like a Deere.

We reviewed Sunday how the Old Testament holds so much background for us to remember the wonderful works of God. I didn’t dive into it too much, but think about how easily we forget that God is sovereign? How often do we forget the oft-repeated judgments of God against unrepentant sinners?

  • Deuteronomy 4:9 “Only give heed to yourself and keep your soul diligently, so that you do not forget the things which your eyes have seen and they do not depart from your heart all the days of your life; but make them known to your sons and your grandsons.”

Further, we discussed how the purpose of the Lord’s Supper was to remember His death for us, to continually keep it in front of our eyes so that we don’t forget it. “Do this in remembrance of me” is the key feature. We need to be reminded or else the cares of this world will sidetrack us.

Hence, we need continual reminders of:

  • Hell and damnation (that which we’ve been saved from).
  • God’s judgment on the wicked lost (so that we remember to warn them).
  • God’s Bema Seat Judgment of the saved (so we remember that we must produce good works that will survive the fire rather than wood, hay, and stubble which will be burned up and net us no rewards).
  • God’s love and compassion for us (to encourage ourselves in a tough world).
  • Our eternal destiny (so that we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness).

Reminders such as these should also keep us humble, and humility leads to hearts filled with praise and thanksgiving:

  • He chose you, you didn’t choose Him for if you had, you would be filled with the pride of knowing you made the right choice.
  • When you are weak then He is strong, or else you would take the glory of success unto yourself.
  • You didn’t deserve salvation in any way, shape, or form, because if you did, then you would be the object and purpose of salvation rather than God.
  • Every breath, every step, every molecule in your body is controlled by God or else you would be rogue and susceptible to random carelessness rather than divine care and love.

When we keep the proper perspective, we appreciate our Lord so much more and we will thank Him continually!

  • Hebrews 13:15 Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name.
  1. What are some things from the Old Testament that you can use to recall God’s goodness, mercy, and grace to remind you to thank Him? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Similarly, what are some things from the New Testament that demonstrate these same traits of our Lord which you can use to thank Him with? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Try something for one week: Offer only prayers of thanksgiving and do not make requests for yourself. When the week is over, write down how this impacted you: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. And, through our Lord’s Supper celebration, since we focused on the Lamb Who was slain for us, the brutal beating of His flesh and the violent spilling of His blood on Calvary’s cross, think of the torture that He went through so that you wouldn’t have to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. Remember it now. Remember and reflect back to God your thanks: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. Commit to being like John Deere’s advertising campaign and continually reminding yourself to thank the Lord, because when you stop reminding yourself, you will become like Sears was in the 90’s when people often forgot to buy their tools and tractors because it was not in the forefront of their minds. And, He deserves our continual gratitude.