October 17

God is sovereign and rules over each and every little thing. Do you believe that? Do you truly believe that deep down inside?

There are 7+ billion people on the earth today. God is intimately involved in orchestrating what goes on in each person’s life because if He didn’t, then all chaos and anarchy would break loose. He allows nations to form and brings others down. He raises up national rulers and deposes others. He lets people live or die. But, imagine if He didn’t have this deep, intricate involvement?

  • Genesis 4:26 To Seth, to him also a son was born; and he called his name Enosh. Then men began to call upon the name of the LORD.

From the viewpoint of a Westerner’s eyes, genealogies are about as exciting as watching a pro bowling tournament (I know, I’ve watched them on TV before). But, if anything should bring us comfort and a sense of awe about God it is the genealogies in the Bible. Adam’s line through Seth is listed throughout the Bible (Luke 3:23-38, for example). It is through God’s promises and sovereign control that Jacob (instead of Esau) became the blessed heir who had a son named Judah who would then have an incestuous affair and child by his daughter in-law, Tamar. Later on a prostitute named Rahab was saved by Jeremiah at Jericho and would become part of this same family line as she bore a son named Boaz who would marry a Moabitess (a non-Jew) named Ruth. Continuing, you see this same genealogy run through Bathsheba whom David had committed adultery with and ultimately gave birth to Solomon. Finally, the genealogy would show that God controlled the family line all the way through the captivity years in Babylon, the return to the Promised Land, the continual warfare in the region up to the take over by the Roman Empire until we see the line unbroken and when we come to His Son, Jesus.

So, why talk about this here when we’re in Genesis 4? Because this is where the line to Jesus begins to show up in Scripture with emphasis, especially by the notation that this is when people began to worship God:

  • “Then when the world was universally corrupt, and had forsaken God and his service, good men grew more valiant and zealous and began to distinguish and separate themselves from the ungodly world, and to call themselves and one another by the name of God”. –Matthew Poole (1624-1679)

You and I may resist the idea that God is in such intricate control (you’ll hear people say that God doesn’t want robots, or that God would never do anything against your will—that He would never force His will upon you, etc.). Where does this fallacious concept come from? The Garden of Eden when man bought the lie that he could be a self-determining, self-existent god and didn’t need Jehovah.

Or, maybe you are more of a deist that believes God is way out there somewhere, not caring, turning a blind eye on our affairs. Deism also believes in a world that doesn’t need or barely needs God, or it may believe God couldand shouldinvolve Himself but chooses not to.

  1. What aspects of God’s complete sovereignty do you find that you struggle with? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    1. Do you trust Him during bad times and not just the good? ___________________________________________________
    2. Do you trust Him even when results and outcomes are not what you want them to be? ___________________________________________________
    3. Do you doubt God when things don’t go your way or are bad? ___________________________________________________
    4. When the pressures of life are bearing down and you can barely raise your head to look up, and when you do you can’t see light, and you feel all alone, do you still trust Him through it all? ___________________________________________________
  2. Comfort and Confidence should be our keywords when it comes to God’s sovereignty:
    1. You can find comfort in hard times because you know He’s still on the throne in control.
    2. You can confidently serve Him even if you get resistance or, as Jeremiah, no results (he had no converts) because God doesn’t measure things the way we do.
    3. You can provide comfort to others by emphasizing the truths of God’s complete, caring rule and reign in the affairs of life.
    4. You are a testimony of God’s grace when you stand confident even in devastating times.
    5. Think deeply about God’s authority, power, majesty, and dominion over all creation, and then list some places where this can provide comfort and confidence in your life: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Lastly, what better way to end our Thankful Thursday devotional than by thanking Him for His personal care in our lives. Thank Him now for how His sovereign reign protects you, saves you, and guides you in each of these areas:
    1. He walks through the valley of the shadow of death with us.
    2. He cares for us.
    3. He calls us by name.
    4. He chose us.
    5. In a midst of a wicked and perverse generation He is still in control, still making His name great.
    6. He gives us promises that He also keeps 100% of the time.
    7. He defends us.
    8. He never fails us.
    9. He holds us in His hand.
    10. He has grafted us into the vine.
    11. He is unshakable.
    12. He is a loving Father that gives good gifts to His children.
    13. He corrects and disciplines us to bring us into holy living.
    14. He gives us new hearts while the old things of our sin nature pass away.
    15. He has already conquered Satan.
    16. He is never surprised or taken off-guard because He is omniscient and omnipresent.